Social media is a full time job

“I don’t have time to spend hours on social media!” This is a response we often here from clients and business acquaintances who have commercial websites and social media pages. It is an understandable point of view. Anyone who runs a business will know that building up a social media following takes time and commitment. […]

Use your customers to help you market.

This may sound odd and presumptuous, but in fact, your customers are the most powerful advert and marketing tool you have. They are particularly useful for increasing rankings on search engines and increasing your visibility online. Why? Because, true SEO is about the natural traffic you generate, not the amount of keywords and PPC adverts […]

Are you using hashtags in social media?

We’ve noticed many companies on Facebook and Pinterest are not using hashtags. It seems that the only site where hashtags are accepted as part of posting etiquette is on Twitter. This is understandable since Twitter is where the hashtags first appeared widely used. Hashtags are searchable identifiers. It really is as simple as that. Even […]

Is anyone reading my blog?

We are asked this question on a regular basis. And the answer is, yes. Even if you only have a few readers, you can be assured that your blog is being read. You may not have comments posted on your articles, and you may not be seeing your articles being shared, but that does not […]

SEO tactics you could use every day

Here are a few SEO tactics we recommend you use on a regular basis to help maintain your position on the search engines. While many companies choose to use the professional services of an SEO team like Indazo, there are also some key SEO tactics which can be implemented in-house that will have a positive […]