How to write good quality articles that really help SEO

Do you engage in article marketing as a method of promoting your business and boosting SEO? We’ve been supporting clients to succeed with their article marketing for a number of years now. Over that time we have developed a range of tactics and tricks to improve article writing and help make them more successful. First, […]

Happy Birthday Facebook!

Love it or loath it, Facebook is here to stay and continues to grow. This week, the social media giant celebrates its 10th Birthday. And after ten years it has succeeding in holding its position as the largest and most popular social network in the world today. While many pundits are predicting a decline for […]

How do you sell on mobile web?

This is a question we are often asked and there is no easy answer. The truth is, the best way to sell on mobile web, is to do exactly what you would normally do on your website. The most important thing is to ensure you have a mobile optimised website. This may sound expensive to […]

Design matters

Although we are not all graphic designers, the look of our websites is important and an aspect we should all consider carefully. The colour, font choice, and layout of each of your web pages will directly influence how your company is perceived and whether users stay on the site or revisit it. If you do […]

How does marketing with LinkedIn work?

LinkedIn is a social network for business people. It is the leading business network site online. We’re often asked by clients whether their business should have a presence on LinkedIn. Here are our thoughts. Your LinkedIn profile page should represent you as an individual, your business experience, qualifications, and examples of your current and previous […]

Blogging is not dead.

Google’s Matt Cutts has been quoted as saying blogging is dead. While we acknowledge that the purpose of the blog has changed, and that in such a crowd of internet blogs it is difficult to carve a healthy niche, we are equally certain that while there is an internet, and people want to read articles […]

Don’t rush internet marketing, choose the right team and make solid plans

The pressures of succeeding online can cause many businesses to make rushed decisions. This is especially true with regard to internet marketing. There are too many horror stories online, of companies who innocently ‘bought’ Facebook and Twitter likes, or who invested in campaigns that amounted to nothing but Black Hat spam that harmed their reputation. […]

Today, it’s our customers who have the power

Are you in charge of your internet marketing? We don’t think so. You may have the ultimate decision about the level of investment you make, and you are ultimately the one who decides on the type of content you create, but it is your customers who have the power. Small businesses, in fact, all businesses […]