Why you need SEO

SEO really works and that is why we recommend it is something every business online should work at, implement and deliver. It is still the best way to ensure your business is seen by the right people online. SEO saves time, money and precious resources SEO is one area of internet marketing. It is the […]

Mobile web and how it has a huge influence

Mobile web is huge! There is no doubt that its growth and the continued use of social media has made it even easier for users to access the internet and find the information, products and services they want, within seconds, wherever they are. As a result your website needs to be fully mobile compatible to […]

Social media continues to be a powerful influence

  Social media isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s still growing and the number of social media users is increasing. A few years ago people were saying it would reach saturation by 2013 and then start to lose its grip. This has not happened. Social media has changed the way we communicate and the way […]

PR will help boost your SEO

Press releases and articles will help to boost your Sep if they are done properly. Every time you write and release a news release you will also be incorporating keywords and adding a link. When this information is posted on a news website or in a website like PR web, it creates the potential to […]

Do we need printed material anymore?

Yes! When it comes to marketing, for your local customers and people who meet you in person, there is still a need for printed material to use for marketing purposes. While you may not need as much as was once needed in the days before the internet, there is still a need for some professionally […]

Is email marketing worth doing?

Yes. Email marketing is still an important way of staying in touch with customers and followers. The art of good email marketing however is not to allow the mail you send to turn in to spam. Many businesses shy away from sending out emails from a fear of being relegated to the junk folder or […]

Are you loosing new visitors to your website?

There is no doubt that good internet marketing will attract people to visit your website. The bigger issue however, is how do you keep them coming back and how do you encourage them to stick around and read your content, staying for longer? This is the Holy Grail. In technical terms it is referred to […]

Pay Per Click Campaigns – what you need to know

The first think to say about PPC is that it works! It really does. There is little doubt that its effectiveness will give you the return in investment you are looking for. Having said that, too many people start PPC campaigns and then wonder where all the sales are. The problem is that PPC campaigns […]

Why SEO works

We are still seeing articles and comments on social media questioning why SEO is needed and if it works. Here are our top reasons on why SEO really works and why you should be using SEO for your business. SEO saves you – time, money and resources SEO is one form of marketing that cuts […]