SEO tactics that really work

If you haven’t already started to plan your SEO strategy for 2014, now is the time to do it. Making a plan which itemizes your tactics, and timetables them for the year, will help you stay on track. It also makes it easier to make adjustments and react strategically throughout the year. Here are some […]

Some clever SEO tactics for you to use on YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic resource. In addition to being the ‘go to’ site for all of the world’s funniest and most popular video content, the platform presents businesses with a huge opportunity to increase their visibility online, and boost rankings. YouTube is not just a way of posting and sharing videos. Done properly, you can […]

How to deal with social media trolls

The trolls! Internet trolls are a nuisance, can case huge damage by getting their kicks out of upsetting people, causing arguments, and generally being a complete and utter nuisance. You may have giggled at the antics of a troll at one time or another or maybe you have argued online, with a troll who went […]

Some of our top SEO tips

Every so often, we’ll be sharing some of our top SEO tips to help you develop your own SEO tactics, and improve your rankings. If you want to find out more, keep following our blog, we’ll be writing about each of these tips, in detail, over the coming weeks. Some of our top SEO tips: […]

What does your ‘About Us’ section say about your business?

Do you click on the ‘About Us’ link when you come across an unfamiliar website? The ‘About us’ section, or Boiler Plate, is a vital piece of content which promotes your business brand. It should be a short paragraph which will give any visitor to your site, an idea of who you are, and what […]

Facebook Graph Search will be arriving in the UK very soon

It’s almost ten months since Facebook introduced us to its Graph Search. In the next few weeks, Facebook will be arriving in the UK, and for users who have set their accounts for UK English. We thought this was a good time to remind ourselves about what Facebook Graph Search is. Graph Search is a […]

SEO tips to use on Twitter

Twitter is not new. It’s been around for a number of years now. But its popularity and audience size is still increasing, and the figures for global Twitter users continue to climb. We thought it would be good to take a quick look at how Twitter can help SEO. Most people know what Twitter is, […]

Pinterest is increasingly big news for business and e-commerce

Pinterest is fast becoming the go to social media platform. Numbers of Pinterest accounts are continuing to rise as huge numbers of people, the majority are women, flocking to the site, and statistics say 58% of the memberships are female. It has developed a reputation as a place for baking cakes, home crafts, and wedding […]