How to Position a Small Business?

To position your small business, you need to gain an in-depth understanding of 3 Cs: Channel, Customer, Competition. So, you need to carry out a detailed research to devise a successful marketing strategy. A few things you need to consider while doing research Listen to Your Customers It’s critical to know about the buying habits […]


How to Improve Your Social Marketing Efforts?

Want to grow your online business with the help of social media? Want to manage your multiple social media accounts? However, it is easier said than done because approximately 60% of the businesses and marketers find measuring ROI for their social media marketing as one of the biggest challenges. Facts: According to a study, more […]


Extraordinary Content Distribution Tools to Improve Traffic

Content distribution is as essential as content itself. Now effective tools and techniques are all over the place, just choose right tools and half the battle is won. Here are a few Content Distribution Tools to use: WiseStamp (a powerful marketing solution) WiseStamp helps to distribute content in a professional manner. In fact, it allows […]


Essential Online Marketing Metrics to Focus

Whether you are starting a new online business or want to know the pace of your success you always need to use certain number of metrics to measure your business’ growth rate. There are certain tools and techniques that help you to measure and monitor the overall growth rate. Here are a few online marketing […]


Empower Your Content Marketing

Do you want to create high quality articles? Do you want to expand your writing skills and knowledge? Here are a few content marketing tools to use: Pocket Pocket helps you to save interesting articles, blogs, study material, videos and more from the web. Once saved, the list of content can be viewed on any […]


Basics of a Wonderful SEO

Do you want to achieve good rankings? Want to combine different SEO techniques to gain an edge? If yes, read this article: Search engine works in 3 stages: Crawling – where content is discovered; Indexing, where it is analysed and stored in huge databases; Retrieval, where a user query fetches a list of relevant pages. […]


Amazing e-commerce Trends

E-commerce industry is flourishing like never before, even in this scenario if your e-commerce website is not performing, which means something is wrong somewhere. Here are a few e-commerce trends to watch: Multi-channel marketing campaign Today, it is important to rely on multiple channels to achieve success. So, exploit the full potential of social channels […]


Advanced Social Media Tools for Social Engagement

Selection of an appropriate channel to run your marketing campaign is vital. Companies select right channel, however they lag behind to exploit its potential. Here are a few advanced social media tools to choose: Send Social Media Send Social Media is a great tool to manage the entire email marketing campaigns, as well as launch […]


Strategic Social media Marketing Tactics

A survey of small and medium-sized companies has revealed that those using social media marketing see healthy returns on their investment. Here are a few social media marketing tactics for business owners: E-books When it comes to: Generating valuable leads, Building brand awareness, Educating and inspiring people, Enticing customers. Write high quality e-books. One of […]